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Craftsy BOM 2012 - Blue Quilt Done!

BoM color DIY fabric fmq quilt thanks

Finished binding this rather large quilt yesterday evening, and took some photos of the finished blue quilt on the ironing board.  Maybe I can get someone to hold it up over their heads so I can take a photo of the full quilt front and back.  In the meantime, here's my too-excited-to-wait photos... The quilt is bound using DIY binding made from backing fabric scraps.  Since the blocks were medallion-style quilted, then sewn together, this made for a LOT of scraps. I'm really pleased with how the blocks came together. Doing the free-motion quilting in smaller chunks really let me...

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Craftsy BOM Blue Sampler Quilt: Nearly at the finish line

BoM fmq quilt sewing

Medallion style quilting definitely has its advantages.  I was able to comfortably FMQ (free-motion quilt) each medallion which is something I can't do easily with a full quilt sandwich.  But, it also is quite tedious.  Putting together each block in order gets a bit tiresome.  I guess I'm ready for this project to be d-o-n-e! I show you... progress! A wild, sampler quilt made with scraps of fabric from all over the place. So close!  I'm almost there!  What's left?  I've got to sew together 4 strips of the blue stand-in fabric (ran out of the original) and random scraps...

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Blue Quilt Progress!

BoM DIY quilt sewing WIP

Ack, I thought I had finished more blocks than I really had.  It turns out, I ran out of backing fabric, and I had left some with batting ready to go, but no backing fabric.  I had been using up all of my green fabric as backing for the blue quilt, but I've run out!  So, I'm improvising.  Time to stash bust... But, I did make some progress.  Even with a bit of the "shaky hands" at the beginning, I got through free-motion quilting six more blocks from the quilt.  Hopefully, I can get all the medallions done this week...

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WIP Blue Quilt and Google Reader Reminder

BoM fabric fmq quilt WIP

Just in case you're still using Google Reader to subscribe to my blog, today is the final day it will exist.  If you'd like to continue to read my blog, you can follow me on my facebook page here, check out alternative RSS feeds, or you can easily follow using Bloglovin' and this button below: In other news, I'm FMQ'ing like a fiend!  It's really addictive.  And last year, I snagged a box full of thread from a quilt designer who was clearing out her stores and getting into knitting.  So, what a treat to use all the threads I...

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Finally Free-Motion

BoM fabric fmq quilt sewing WIP

FMQ= free-motion quilt(ing) After walking around the blue quilt blocks, starching, prepping, observing... procrastinating... avoiding... front of block 1 back of block 1 I took the plunge.  I finally said, "Adri, get it together and just free-motion quilt.  Just do it!"  So, I revved up my FMQ mojo by watching Leah Day on her Craftsy class and her blog videos.  I finally bent back the pin of my FMQ foot, wrapped it with a rubber band, and then, I did it.  I free-motion quilted.  The mods to the quilting foot work well by the way.  I had tested it before - I've...

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