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Summer School Illustrations

color damask design illustration surface patterns

We're in the thick of summer here in Munich and it's been non-stop illustration, sewing, and knitting... okay, not so much the knitting because my current knit-along includes very warm yarn, lots of cables, and a steek, so I tend to wait for the weekend for that. But I've been painting and illustrating and printing and working on building up my portfolio in preparation for Surtex 2016.  I enrolled in the Make It in Design course The Ultimate Portfolio Builder, and also their Summer School course.  These are much more self-directed than the Make Art That Sells courses, but I'm...

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Project: Storybook Dreams Emporium

business card damask logo

I was commissioned to do a logo and business card design for Storybook Dreams Emporium, a unique party planning company in Miami, FL. The cards were to have a damask that reflects the whimsical parties that they design and create, and I must say it was a lot of fun. The parties that Storybook Dreams creates are incredibly elaborate and really beautiful. Check out Storybook Dreams here. And you can see the cards as they were while in progress.

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