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A Group of Charming Cuties

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Last week, I had something very interesting happen.  I had a kind of cute-splosion.  I started illustrating for the children's apparel market so I can begin to pitch my work.  I did some short research by looking at my son's clothes and picking out my super-top favorites.... and then it all just flowed. It was remarkable.  I just worked on Illustrator and out came these characters and their back-stories and little lives.  I kept wanting (and still do) to keep on drawing them and their accessories and interactions... Next, I want to develop each character on their own!  What do...

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Picante Dirndl

design dirndl dress experiment illustration patterns surface patterns

When I was a kid, I loved comics.  I was a big fan of the "what-if" and alternate reality issues that comics would sometimes print.  This idea of "what if's" popped into my head as I posted about this past week's MATS Bolt Fabric Assignment, and it wouldn't let go. What if... I did make a dirndl out of my own fabric? I imagine it looking like this!  I used Burda's Dirndl Pattern 8448 as the basis for this visual mock-up. I think that would be really unique to wear to Oktoberfest 2015! Please note that I do not have any...

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Sewing: Pastille Dress

color dress sewing

I made the Pastille dress from Colette's Sewing Handbook a few weeks back.  Originally, I started it for a wedding back in May, but didn't finish it in time to re-do the sleeve facings.  In the end, I still paired it with a silver satin sash/ribbon to break up the blue.  It's a bit plain, but perfect for the second wedding which was blue themed! Here's the top... And, I had to take full-dress shots afterward because I couldn't find any photos of the dress in its entirety in the preliminary wedding photos.  Also, Mom, if you read this post,...

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Me-Made-May Week 3

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It's the Me-Made-May Weekly Wrap-up! Part of last week and the beginning of this week I was traveling, but was still able to bring along a thing or two of hand-made goodness.  I wore this comfy travel ensemble to Prague where I fit right in. This is the Iris Pullover from last year combined with the Amaranth headband.  I love wearing it what can I say?  Re: Prague - The locals like to dress really funky, and I loved their personal style! Then, when I came back to Munich, I wore a completely me-made outfit.  From head to toe, I wore a...

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MMM 2013, Week 2

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This week has been really interesting.  Firstly, thank you to all the visitors to the blog that commented on the Sew, Mama, Sew giveaway!  Wow!  I've never had so many people comment on anything.  Ever. I've had to take most of my own photos this week, which is usually fine because I set up the tripod and all that.  Take my time, check lighting, and adjust locations.  But, with these daily shots, I was trying to do them quickly because I'm working on quite a number of different projects which meant no time for the tripod and the lollygagging. Sadly, I...

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