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Jeans, Jeans, Good for the Heart

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I think July might be jeans month for me.  I started on the first pair after the cropped hoodie project (Her Pretty Ways, View A).  I had leftovers from the first trousers I sewed (remember the Clovers I did earlier this year?). Using Jalie 2908, I made my first pair of jeans, and wow what a learning curve!  It took me nearly two weeks working a few hours a night, studying the instructions, looking at my jeans and that of every person I stood behind or near... I think the part that took me the longest (don't laugh) was the...

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Dipped Infinity Scarf & Sewing

dressform giveaway knit sewing

After winning one of Juniper Moon Farms ( Friday Giveaways, I knit up the pattern with some adjustments.  It is currently draped over my newly covered dress form which is modeling a current sewing project.  That's the second version of the muslin bodice for the Bombshell Dress Sew-Along hosted by Craftsy.  The dress form is slightly larger than me, so it's wrinkling, but it's fine on me.  I'm almost to cutting the real fabric except I haven't figured out what to use!!

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Tape/Papier-Mâché Dress Form

dressform sewing WIP

Using the lovely photo tutorial on Threads Magazine, the husband and I ventured into the dress-form making process. I was working on the garbage wedding dress and got to a point where I couldn't go any further because I couldn't pin the dress on myself and fit it effectively. So... this is my solution. Now you can see the nearly finished dress-form (sleeves need to be tailored and the whole thing covered in muslin). Below you can see me cutting the pieces of packing material for the dress, and later the Papier-Mâché strip dress form drying on me. final form...

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