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Surtex Prep!

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Here at the studio, I'm in full-out Surtex prep mode!  Yes, it's only March, and Surtex is in May, but I hate leaving things to the last minute.  I tend to avoid last-minute frenzies and prefer instead to work at a steady pace... So that's where I've been... in Surtex preparation!  (Ahem... getting ahead of myself, eh?) Ah yes, I should explain.  What is Surtex?  It's a tradeshow for licensing illustration and artwork.   What do I mean by licensing? That's when you rent your work out to different industries that need visuals for their products.  And, that's my aim...

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Toddler Streaky Legs & Moneta

baby DIY fabric kids MeMadeMay sewing

That felt really weird typing the title to this blog post, but yes, admittedly my son is now a toddler and most definitely not a squishy baby anymore!  I finally finished one of his "Streaky Legs" poofy pants this weekend! The Facts ⁃ Fabric: <1m single jersey, <0.3m ribbing for cuffs ⁃ Pattern: Ottobre "Streaky Legs" pattern ⁃ Year: 2014? ⁃ Notions: waistband elastic ⁃ Time to complete: 1 day for tracing and cutting, an hour for sewing ⁃ First worn: May 16, 2015 ⁃ Wear again?  He has no choice! hahah! ⁃ Mods? Nope, they fit great on him. and I finished Moneta from Colette...

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Just in time!

baby clothing fabric sewing

Pattern: "Indian Elephant" from Ottobre 06/2014 Yikes!  This baby really is growing fast!  I finished the all-in-one pattern "Indian Elephant" from Ottobre 06/2014 just in time for the little dude to wear it.  It only took me two weeks to make it, but now I know that may be too slow!  Whoah! This baby is making me a much faster sewist.  Even a week can be too slow in the world of baby growth.  I'm going to have to plan projects for the far future to keep up!  The pattern "Indian Elephant" is pretty straightforward.  It's actually a lot easier...

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FO's: Baby Stuffs

fabric knit sewing yarn

Baby stuff is so satisfyingly quick to make!!  I guess there's extra motivation when you've only got a few more weeks left in a pregnancy to "finish" everything on your to-do list.  In my case, I've had to put the Zig-Zag Quilt on hold because my free-motion quilting foot is on back order.  If I don't get it by this week, I'll just do simple zig-zag echo quilting and call it a day. In the meantime, here are a few of the things I've been knitting and sewing... Baby Booties These are one of the quickest and most satisfying knitted...

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WIP: Zig-Zag Quilt

color fabric quilt WIP

At first, I had looked at the Rainbow Stash-Busting quilt from A Quilt Story from the book Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe, inspired, I jumped into my stash and came up with handfuls of lovely fabric.  I used many of my Tula Pink "Prince Charming" fat quarters and finally used up lots of my rainbow color scraps.  But I cut too many HSTs (half-square triangles) with white and then decided to rearrange them into zig-zags (chevrons).  And, I think it'll work!   I have no idea what the final size will be, but with all the HSTs already cut, I may have...

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