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Want to know more about Stitchin Knit and Stitchin Crochet?

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(Image from the Underground Crafter site) I was interviewed last month for a Hispanic Heritage Month by Marie Segares, the crochet & knitting blogger and designer.  She blogs at the Underground Crafter and is also the host of the podcast the "Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show".  If you'd like to read her interview of me for her Hispanic Heritage series that happened in September, you can read it here ( And, for the podcast, she asked me some great questions about how I got into the business of making fonts for knit and crochet. So, if you're interested in listening to the podcast...

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StitchinCrochet PRO!

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Finally, another loose end tied up. This particular loose end has been around for 3 or 4 years.  I've been collecting e-mails, handy symbols that I missed, and re-organizing this font for a looooong time.  It's done now.  I've simplified the organization of the glyphs so they are grouped together by type: dc increases together, dc decreases together.  I tried to be sure there were corresponding increase and decrease symbols where it was relevant, and I eliminated some of the more fanciful and esoteric symbols that are not used commonly. And, the result is StitchinCrochetPro now available on! For...

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New Font: Kicks

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Getting warmed up in the font arena... I just finished a new font called "Kicks" and it was made... just for kicks. Meant for scrapbook text, classroom decor, and lots of other fun stuff, Kicks is a hand-drawn font that finally helped me get over my "font-block".  It's available in regular and italic, single download, or family download.  I'm so glad I finally got this one out.  Look out for more in the near future... Yay!

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July 19th, Typodarium Font of the Day!

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For those of you typophilic enough to have the Typodarium calendar, my font "Fiddleshticks" was today's date!

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My font was May 8th!

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Typodarium put out a 2011 Calendar, and I forgot to mention when it was May 8th that my font Trellis was featured as the font of the day! Yay!

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