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Garden: My first carrot!

food garden

I was thinning my small windowbox full of carrot greens, and pulled out a real carrot! The carrot was just a little baby carrot, and we ate 'em straight away.  Tasty. :D

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Good Morning, Gladiola!

color flowers garden inspiration photo

I awoke today to find that my slightly beat-up balcony garden had presented me with yet another unexpected gift!  Here's what the gladiolas have to offer.  I'm not sure if this is the pink or purple corm, but I was so pleased to have these blooms in my life.  I am in looove with their color.  What would you call this color? gladiolas grace the garden

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Garden Goodies

flowers food garden

I was off to a late start planting my anemone corms/bulbs.  When they all got root rot, I thought they were goners even after replanting them all with more sand mixed in the soil.  So, I was really pleased to see that even through my follies I have one bloom!  Also, I'm glad I took a photo when I did because later that day (yesterday) there was an insane hail storm that tore the flower up.  Poor thing. Anemone "Mr Fokker" The latest drama in the balcony garden flower boxes... I had to replant all the anemone corms to stave...

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