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Process: Advent Calendar Noel Image

color color challenge experiment finchandfoxglove gift greeting card holiday how to illustration patterns

Hello! I just wanted to introduce myself in case you hadn't met me before.  I'm Adriana Hernandez-Bergstrom!  I go by Adriprints on my work, and  you can find me really easily with that moniker.  I'm the founder of the Finch & Foxglove art collective, and I did the first illustration on our digital Advent Calendar. I am a really process-oriented person and I love learning how others get to the images they do.  I hope you can learn a little bit from my process too! The "Noel Peppermint Bark" illustration started off as a doodle that I did in August...

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Tutorial: Zig-Zag Quilt

DIY free how to quilt tutorial

You can make your own Zig-Zag Quilt top from stash scraps, and it's not too difficult! Main requirement for piecing this quilt top: 72 white pieces of fabric, 4.5" square 72 print pieces of fabric, 4.5" square You'll also need: - additional yardage for sashing, backing, and binding - batting for the center of the quilt sandwich Side Note: Someone asked me how I get the fabric for my stash and how I chose the colors for this quilt.  My stash was built up from fat-quarters and yardage for garment sewing.  I am a bit compulsive after sewing projects.  I can't...

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MK Tutorial: Mitered Detail with Short Rows

design DIY how to knit knitting machine tutorial

This tutorial is a machine knitting tutorial that leads up to the publishing of my pattern, "Mitered Detail Cardigan."  The mitered detail in the pattern can be accomplished in two ways.  The first way described in the pattern, is with short rows (also known as partial knitting) and by wrapping each stitch as they are put on hold.  In order to best show what I mean, I made a video tutorial for this one... Just in case it's too blurry in the video, here are detailed photos of what it looks like to "reactivate" a stitch into working position. Wrap...

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Tutorial: DIY Pompom

DIY free how to quick tutorial yarn

Fall is in the air... And, I love hats with pompoms. And, sometimes you just want to make your own pompom, right? And add pompoms to everything? Okay, well maybe not everything, but just in case you *did* want to add a pompom to a favorite hat or rabbit toy, or change out an existing pompom for a different one, here's a photo tutorial on how to do it using a template I created. You can download your own template here on Craftsy. First, trace and cut the pompom templates from chipboard (like the cardboard of a cereal box). Align...

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Tutorial: Blocking Your Knitted/Crocheted Items

crochet DIY how to knit lace tutorial

"Blocking" in the fiber arts world, is usually a finishing step. After your garment (or each piece) is knitted or crocheted, block to match the measurements given in your schematics, or you can seam them together and block them as a completed garment. before blocking blocked blanket The first step I take in this process is looking at the yarn band.  I make sure I understand the care instructions for the yarn I'm about to block.  Then, I look at the pattern for any specific blocking instructions (lacy shawls often have areas that are accented in blocking).  If you're worried...

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