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Happy New Year!

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Hope everyone is having a very happy new year! 2012 was a really productive year here at Adriprints Press! In sewing and quilting, I made quite a few items, and met my goals for 2012 2 quilt tops (brown quilt is nearly fully quilted) 3 trousers (2 jeans, 1 clover) 1 fitted jacket 1 wool coat 2 dresses 5 tops (1 hoodie, 1 sleeveless, 1 pullover, 1 buttoned sleeveless, 1 buttoned short sleeved) 1 apron 1 dirndl bodice 1 plaid skirt In knitting design, I had a good number of items published (self-published or otherwise) Oslo Star Hat Alhambra Hat...

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JJ Blouse Tutorial - Part 3

clothing DIY how to jjblouse sewing tutorial

This final installment of the JJ Blouse tutorial covers steps 10 through 12 which is basically the sleeve and finishing.  Try on that cuff piece first and make sure it fits around your upper arm (minus the 5/8" seam allowances). If it doesn't fit, then consider adjusting the cuff seam allowances.  If it still doesn't fit consider redrafting the sleeve (slash in the middle and add some width to the piece) if you think the gathering isn't enough to work for your arms.  Then adjust the cuffs/interfacing and the marking lines accordingly. Step 10: Step 10A - Double stitch like...

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JJ Blouse Tutorial - Part 2

clothing DIY how to jjblouse patterns sewing tutorial

Ruffles!  In the previous part (part 1) of this tutorial, we cut out all the pieces, worked on the buttonhole band, and briefly mentioned that the center back piece was attached to the back side pieces using your preferred seaming method. In this portion of the tutorial, we cover Steps 7 through 9 of the JJ Blouse, a free pattern from BurdaStyle.  Note: I actually skipped Step 9 which is the belt loops.  I chose not to include them. Step 7: (A) The ruffles begin as flat pieces.  First the seam allowances on the longest side are folded up, pressed,...

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JJ Blouse Tutorial - Part 1

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Recently,  I completed the JJ Blouse, a free pattern from for Sew Weekly's Valentine's Day inspired red challenge.  This free pattern is adorable, but the instructions are a bit difficult to decipher.  So, here's a tutorial to clarify some of the difficult parts. JJ Blouse, some modifications Steps 1 through 4 are pretty straightforward... Have the JJ Blouse pattern printed out from the BurdaStyle PDF.  Assemble the paper pattern and cut out, or trace and cut, or whatever you do to transfer your pattern pieces onto your fabric. Use the cutting layouts for help and pay attention to the...

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