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MK Tutorial: Mitered Detail with Short Rows

design DIY how to knit knitting machine tutorial

This tutorial is a machine knitting tutorial that leads up to the publishing of my pattern, "Mitered Detail Cardigan."  The mitered detail in the pattern can be accomplished in two ways.  The first way described in the pattern, is with short rows (also known as partial knitting) and by wrapping each stitch as they are put on hold.  In order to best show what I mean, I made a video tutorial for this one... Just in case it's too blurry in the video, here are detailed photos of what it looks like to "reactivate" a stitch into working position. Wrap...

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FO: Mitered Detail Cardigan II

design knitting machine yarn

Finished the second prototype!  I really like this version - I made one size larger, which extended the sleeves and front a bit, and that's made a huge difference in fit.  I should be releasing the pattern soon since the MKAL (machine knit-along) is almost done. The pattern writing is nearly complete, and now that the sample is done, I can weigh it and make further yardage and yarn requirement estimates.  I can't wait to get it published!  I'm wondering, though, if I should get someone else to model the back... it's... well, it's a bit of an insecurity at...

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MK Tutorial: The Garter Bar

knitting machine tutorial yarn

Ah yes, today we learn a little bit about the garter bar- that tool which gave me nightmares until it made my knitting machine dreams come true! I have an old-fashioned garter bar that I purchased on e-bay a few months back after not realizing that there was a difference between transfer combs and garter bars.  You live, you learn. This kit is a couple of decades old, but is in pristine condition.  Sadly, it came with sparse instructions in Japanese and German.  I do speak and read German, but the technical nature of the writing made it a bit...

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WIP: Zig Zag Quilt & Mitered Cardi

color challenge design DIY KAL knitting machine patterns quilt WIP

This past weekend, I made so much progress, but alas, I did not finish the quilt. I do have the quilt sandwich ready to go, and am strongly considering a straightforward quilt-job instead of FMQ'ing.  See, the sewing machine shop sold me a FMQ'ing foot for my new machine (more on that later), but I could not for the life of me figure out how to install it.  I don't think it actually fits my machine.  So, I'll go check on that sometime this week.  In the meantime, here's my progress! I finished piecing the top... Added a border and...

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WIP: Mitered Detail Cardigan 2

collaboration KAL knit knitting machine WIP

At the moment, I am working on the second version of the Mitered Detail Cardigan.  This time, I'm knitting it in green!  I've also refined the instructions and I'm knitting it together with the folks over in the Ravelry Machine Knits group.  I had no idea we'd have so many folks sign up, so I had to cut it off after over 20 people showed interest!  Crazy! Here's my progress so far... 1 skein, Wollmeise Lace Garn add a knitting machine and some claw weights measure twice, cut once (just kidding, there's no steeking in this one)

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