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We moved, Irma came and went, we're okay!

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I need to catch you all up! I want to get the blog back up and running, and things are finally settling down enough to get back to it... My little family moved back to Florida in May. When I say 'back', I must say that Florida is my home state. It's where I was born and my family has resided for the last 50 years. So, when husband got an offer, we packed up, left California, put an offer on a house from the 60's and moved to an island between two rivers near Florida's Atlantic coast. Lots happened...

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Santa Barbara Map

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I'm still very new to this town, but here's my visual impression of the place so far... Lots of people doing stuff out in the open all the time.  Bright sunny days, beautiful vistas, lots to do with your family or on your own. Oh, and lots of great cycling.  Have you been to Santa Barbara? What were your impressions?

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