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Quickie Illustrations

illustration quick

From mid-July to this past Friday, there was a draw-along challenge kind of thing leading up to an art opening with the local Munich Artist's Group.  I dedicated a meager 15 to 20 minutes of time to these illustrations and I sadly couldn't keep up with the full 30 days.  But, I was happy to be illustrating again, and I did have a few really nice ones at the end of it. Here is my favorite... illustrate a place And these were alright, too... self portrait favorite animal - chameleon  a word - lackadaisical

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Colette Sorbetto: Maternity Hack

DIY experiment free maternity MeMadeMay patterns quick

During Me-Made-May 2014 I'd like to share some of the me-mades I've made recently.  For week #1 of MMM14, I've been wearing this particular garment almost daily ((or rather, nightly))!  It's a maternity pajama based on Colette's free pattern, Sorbetto... During this pregnancy, I've inherited so many things from friends.  One of my favorite items was a Sorbetto top I helped a friend make for her first pregnancy.  I took her measurements and devised a way to use the pattern to make her a top.  We learned that by leaving the bottom part of the pleat open, you get a...

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Zip Pouches and Boxed Corner Tutorial

DIY experiment quick sewing tutorial

Finished up two more zip pouches with the over-locker, and now feel like I've mastered boxed corners. As you can see, the size of the boxed corner makes a difference in the depth of the box.  When I take out just 1.5" I end up with a shallower (3" high), longer box as you see on the left.  When each corner is 2", the height of the box is 4"; creating a taller, deeper box like the one on the right. I was learning overlocker techniques from Amy Alan's Beginning Serging class over at Craftsy, and I wasn't finding too...

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illustration quick sewing stationary thanks

I think the guy at the corner post office knows my name now-- which is great!  That means I've finally finished and mailed all the stuff that should have been sent out ages ago. You already saw the finished baby blankets in the previous post, but I also finished a few other things!  A friend and I are doing a hand-lettered mail exchange.  Here's my letter to her: Sorry, I know her address is covered, but underneath it's lettered really nicely. I wanted to respect her privacy, you know? I also did this hand-made facebook exchange thing and I finally...

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New Colors!

color illustration inspiration quick

For about the last 15 years or so, I've had the same travel watercolor set.  I had taken it with me on trips here and there and all over.  Then, without even noticing, it was gone!  I looked for it to take with me on the last couple of trips, and thought it was just misplaced.  But, after a pretty comprehensive search through the earlier part of this week, and no gold, well, I gave up the old set for lost. I was bummed.  Really bummed. Then, I went to the art store with a friend and she went to...

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