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Quilting in Progress! (sort of)

fmq motherhood quilt

My quilting time is definitely limited these days, but I persevere. The quilt sandwich is complete, and I rushed a bit... this was my mistake. I did go through and pin baste. But, I tried skipping my usual stitch in the ditch then free-motion quilt process and have paid for it dearly! My toddler is now totally intrigued by the sewing machine, and every time I was manipulating the quilt doing free-motion quilting, he kept running at me and the machine to slap and try to stop the fly wheel, which is a most obvious no-no! So, I'd stop sewing,...

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Super Simple Patchwork Quilt WIP

moving quilt sewing travel WIP

How do I deal with the stress of moving internationally?  I multitask like crazy, make lists, post stuff for sale... and do a simple patchwork quilt to deal with the need to do machine-like sewing and stash-busting. Saturday... 4.5" scrap squares that have been hanging around for a while later that day... sewn into strips and today! nearly done with the quilted top I still have five more rows to add, then sashing, then quilting!Lots of progress!  Hurrah for the feeling of pseudo-accomplishment!

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On the Sewing Table and Post-Pregnancy Body Reckoning

motherhood quilt sewing WIP

Do not fear, my fellow sewing enthusiasts, my sewing table has not gone unemployed these last few months; not entirely unemployed at least.  I signed up for Kid's Clothing Week which was two weeks ago and also Me-Made May as inspiration to get my sewing-mojo back and... wait, let me backtrack here... What happened to my sewing mojo? SEWING mojo, where are you?!  I don't yet have an answer for that. I have been tracing patterns and cutting fabric, but haven't really finished anything!  I start a project, and then migrate back into illustration and leave these projects all folded in...

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Tutorial: Zig-Zag Quilt

DIY free how to quilt tutorial

You can make your own Zig-Zag Quilt top from stash scraps, and it's not too difficult! Main requirement for piecing this quilt top: 72 white pieces of fabric, 4.5" square 72 print pieces of fabric, 4.5" square You'll also need: - additional yardage for sashing, backing, and binding - batting for the center of the quilt sandwich Side Note: Someone asked me how I get the fabric for my stash and how I chose the colors for this quilt.  My stash was built up from fat-quarters and yardage for garment sewing.  I am a bit compulsive after sewing projects.  I can't...

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Zig Zag Quilt Finished!

color challenge DIY free quilt sewing stash

Happy Easter!  And, happy finished Zig-Zag Quilt! The FMQ foot for my new machine is still on back-order so I decided I should just stop waiting and finish the quilt.  So... I did!  I used a couple of tools to help me finish the quilt which I can recommend... Firstly, I used the Robert Kaufmann Android phone app to help me calculate how much fabric I needed for binding and sashing.  You can find that here.  For i-phones you can find it on i-tunes. Secondly, I used this tutorial to get a kind of hand cross-stitch look with a plain...

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