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Happy New Year!

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Hope everyone is having a very happy new year! 2012 was a really productive year here at Adriprints Press! In sewing and quilting, I made quite a few items, and met my goals for 2012 2 quilt tops (brown quilt is nearly fully quilted) 3 trousers (2 jeans, 1 clover) 1 fitted jacket 1 wool coat 2 dresses 5 tops (1 hoodie, 1 sleeveless, 1 pullover, 1 buttoned sleeveless, 1 buttoned short sleeved) 1 apron 1 dirndl bodice 1 plaid skirt In knitting design, I had a good number of items published (self-published or otherwise) Oslo Star Hat Alhambra Hat...

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The Edie Coat, Vogue 7239 (1967)

DIY fabric jacket patterns sewing SewWeekly Challenge

As originally posted in The Sew Weekly for the 1960's Challenge.. The Facts ⁃ Fabric: 3m wool, 2m lining, interfacing ⁃ Pattern: Vogue 7239 ⁃ Year: 1967 ⁃ Notions: 3 buttons ⁃ Time to complete: several weeks in October ⁃ First worn: end of October ⁃ Wear again?  Since it's been cold, I haven't stopped wearing it! ⁃ Total price: ~30EUR =  7EUR/m for wool (21EUR), $2.50/m China Silk Poly for lining (5 EUR), interfacing, thread, etc... Pattern Story - I won this pattern from a giveaway on the Seamless Blog, and will give it away once this is published...

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Iris Pullover

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I'm glad to finally be sewing again!  Here's a quick project I made in the in-between times.  Knitwear design is still taking the priority spot on my agenda, but hopefully I'll have some pretty samples to show for it in the near future! In the meantime, here's the Iris Pullover from Schnittchen® - einfach nähe... Schnittchen's downloadable patterns are much in the style of Burda and Knipmode in that you print out a large sheet with multiple sizes, and then you mark and trace just your size.  The patterns are unlike Burda/Knipmode in that they actually include seam allowances!  Woot!...

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Sew Weekly: Apron Challenge!

DIY patterns sewing SewWeekly Challenge

Just finished the Sew Weekly Apron Challenge this weekend, and I wanted to share my experience with you all because drafting your own apron is pretty easy and satisfying. Making your own apron for whatever reason - in my case it was to match a dirndl I had made - is really easy.  This type of apron is a simple wrap-around apron with two straps that are long enough to wrap around the waist and tie in front. You begin with a rectangle of fabric.  I measured mine out so my rectangle was about 8" less than my hips measurement. ...

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Jeans, Jeans, Good for the Heart

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I think July might be jeans month for me.  I started on the first pair after the cropped hoodie project (Her Pretty Ways, View A).  I had leftovers from the first trousers I sewed (remember the Clovers I did earlier this year?). Using Jalie 2908, I made my first pair of jeans, and wow what a learning curve!  It took me nearly two weeks working a few hours a night, studying the instructions, looking at my jeans and that of every person I stood behind or near... I think the part that took me the longest (don't laugh) was the...

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