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Floridiana: Behind the Scenes Part 1

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I first signed up for Bonnie Christine's Surface Pattern Design 2.0: Start a Career Skillshare Class in April, but I kept a diary of my process, and thought it would be nice to share with you all, my readers.  This is Part 1 of 2 explaining my process behind the Floridiana surface patterns. April 10, 2015 My hometown is a place full of contradictions.  I grew up in South Florida mostly in Miami, and being far away from it gives me some perspective on what a beautiful place it can be.  Lush, tropical plants grow everywhere: palms, hibiscuses, bougainvilleas, banyan trees,...

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Surface Design, Botanical #1

color design illustration starting surface patterns

After taking some general online courses on Surface Design, I came upon this one by Bonnie Christine on Skillshare.  I started this project in late February, and kept a lot of detailed notes on my progress.  Can I tell you how much I've learned in the videos from Bonnie Christine's class?  It's crazy!  I have been using Adobe Illustrator for over 10 years, and I thought I knew my way around, but I learned so many new tricks in this class that I hadn't ever even thought to try! I was humbled by the class and how much I have...

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MATS A, Week 1: Bolt Fabric

color design illustration MATS starting surface patterns

The first week of MATS (Make Art That Sells) Part A went really, really well.  I was so anxious and scared to begin with, but I felt right at home illustrating the mini, and then later the actual assignment.  My fellow classmates were super supportive, and their work is really great!  It's awesome to see what others are doing and it helps me to figure out what to tweak next.  I see how they handle certain elements within a design and it sparks a solution in me.  Lots of zeitgeist, enthusiasm, feedback, and visual inspiration! I also like that the...

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A Change of Pace

fair-isle illustration starting travel

I'm writing from Texas today.  We're on the second leg of a pretty long tour of the U.S. while we introduce our baby boy to the extended family.  This long trip is forcing me to explore other facets of my work, and I think it's to my benefit.  Since my sewing and knitting machines stayed in Germany, I've focused more on knitting, illustration, and fonts... In the knitting world, I'm working on a fairisle design for babies.  Here's my swatch: If you're in Munich in February, I'll be teaching a class on fairisle knitting at the local yarn shop (contact...

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Week 1 Round-up, MMM14

DIY knit MeMadeMay sewing starting

Here's the weekly round up of me-mades worn this past week! If you'd like to make any of the above items that have a pattern, here are the links: May 1- Mitered Detail Cardigan can be found here on Ravelry. May 2- Mod Podge can be found here on Twist Collective's site or here on Ravelry. May 3- Colette Pattern's Sorbetto can be found here and my modifications can be found here. May 4- Iris Pullover from Schnittchen can be found here. May 5- Blank Canvas Tee can be found here and my modifications here.

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