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Floridiana: Behind the Scenes Part 1

illustration inspiration starting stationary surface patterns WIP

I first signed up for Bonnie Christine's Surface Pattern Design 2.0: Start a Career Skillshare Class in April, but I kept a diary of my process, and thought it would be nice to share with you all, my readers.  This is Part 1 of 2 explaining my process behind the Floridiana surface patterns. April 10, 2015 My hometown is a place full of contradictions.  I grew up in South Florida mostly in Miami, and being far away from it gives me some perspective on what a beautiful place it can be.  Lush, tropical plants grow everywhere: palms, hibiscuses, bougainvilleas, banyan trees,...

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illustration quick sewing stationary thanks

I think the guy at the corner post office knows my name now-- which is great!  That means I've finally finished and mailed all the stuff that should have been sent out ages ago. You already saw the finished baby blankets in the previous post, but I also finished a few other things!  A friend and I are doing a hand-lettered mail exchange.  Here's my letter to her: Sorry, I know her address is covered, but underneath it's lettered really nicely. I wanted to respect her privacy, you know? I also did this hand-made facebook exchange thing and I finally...

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Illustration: Unwind on the hill

design DIY illustration inspiration knit logo stationary

This was such a fun illustration to do.  It all started with a request from a repeat client who was establishing a crafting group in Queensland, Australia.  She gave me some details and background on the group and wanted a header illustration for stationary, Ravelry,  blog, etc. The Unwind on the Hill group is made up of women who come together and meet up at a local Senior Citizens center, but are from all kinds of backgrounds and meet up to craft and to share their crafting experiences with one another... an all around jolly group of ladies from what...

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July 19th, Typodarium Font of the Day!

font stationary typography

For those of you typophilic enough to have the Typodarium calendar, my font "Fiddleshticks" was today's date!

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Wedding Design: Invites, Cake, & more

flowers food stationary

So, I was lucky enough to be able to pull off a mostly DIY wedding. Here are some of the things I designed for it: invites, cake topper, favors, menus, table takeaways, floral arrangements, postcards...It was all completed, of course, thanks to my mom and my cousin Arielis (who baked and styled the cakes).

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