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Thoughts Post Surtex 2016

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Finch & Foxglove 2016: V. Lommatzsch, N. Kaiser, L. Kirkbride, M. Penny, A. Bentley, T. Paget, C.B. Keller, and me at the front It's just a few days post-Surtex, and I've got a lot of follow-up emails to write (yay!). Before things get too crazy, though, I wanted to post my initial thoughts on investing and exhibiting at a tradeshow like Surtex. If you've followed my blog for a long time, you know that I have been in the creative industries for many years, but was on maternity leave and focused on textiles and sewing in 2014-2015. I knew that...

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Pre-Surtex Sneak Peek

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May Flowers bring Spring...  & Surtex! I cannot believe it's May and time for Surtex!! It's heeere!! I've been prepping all year long for this surface design and textiles industry trade show, and it feels a little unreal that it's only a few days away.  May flowers are an appropriate metaphor I think. I've been planting seeds since last year, and now is when they are starting to bloom... My seeds (preparations) included creating over 180 images, making booth banners, promo bookmarks, promo books, fabric swatches, greeting cards, brochures, and sewing some hand-printed zip pouches! My fellow members of Finch &...

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Surtex Prep!

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Here at the studio, I'm in full-out Surtex prep mode!  Yes, it's only March, and Surtex is in May, but I hate leaving things to the last minute.  I tend to avoid last-minute frenzies and prefer instead to work at a steady pace... So that's where I've been... in Surtex preparation!  (Ahem... getting ahead of myself, eh?) Ah yes, I should explain.  What is Surtex?  It's a tradeshow for licensing illustration and artwork.   What do I mean by licensing? That's when you rent your work out to different industries that need visuals for their products.  And, that's my aim...

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