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MATS A, Week 3 Picture Books

illustration MATS typography WIP

This week was a real eye-opener.  I've illustrated for books before, but never children's books, and that was the big theme this week.  It was exhilarating.  I had so much fun illustrating the goats and then the trolls, but I was left a bit sad afterward.  I want to keep going... I had so many ideas that I didn't get to illustrate for this one!! Let's get to the meat here... Here's my image.  I think it's fairly easy to figure out which fairytale this particular scene represents, but just in case... it's from "The Three Billy Goats Gruff".  It's...

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An Artist's Quote

illustration inspiration typography

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StitchinCrochet PRO!

crochet font typography

Finally, another loose end tied up. This particular loose end has been around for 3 or 4 years.  I've been collecting e-mails, handy symbols that I missed, and re-organizing this font for a looooong time.  It's done now.  I've simplified the organization of the glyphs so they are grouped together by type: dc increases together, dc decreases together.  I tried to be sure there were corresponding increase and decrease symbols where it was relevant, and I eliminated some of the more fanciful and esoteric symbols that are not used commonly. And, the result is StitchinCrochetPro now available on! For...

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Happy New Year!

clothing jacket jjblouse patterns seamless sewing SewWeekly Challenge typography

Hope everyone is having a very happy new year! 2012 was a really productive year here at Adriprints Press! In sewing and quilting, I made quite a few items, and met my goals for 2012 2 quilt tops (brown quilt is nearly fully quilted) 3 trousers (2 jeans, 1 clover) 1 fitted jacket 1 wool coat 2 dresses 5 tops (1 hoodie, 1 sleeveless, 1 pullover, 1 buttoned sleeveless, 1 buttoned short sleeved) 1 apron 1 dirndl bodice 1 plaid skirt In knitting design, I had a good number of items published (self-published or otherwise) Oslo Star Hat Alhambra Hat...

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New Font: Kicks

design font illustration typography

Getting warmed up in the font arena... I just finished a new font called "Kicks" and it was made... just for kicks. Meant for scrapbook text, classroom decor, and lots of other fun stuff, Kicks is a hand-drawn font that finally helped me get over my "font-block".  It's available in regular and italic, single download, or family download.  I'm so glad I finally got this one out.  Look out for more in the near future... Yay!

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