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Looks Like We Made It

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We did it!  We made it to California, the baby and I, and all in one piece thankfully!  The first flight was a real doozy with lots of crying, squirming, and screeching, but the second flight went very smoothly.  It's our third day here and we're living amongst cardboard boxes and half-empty rooms, but it's really cozy nonetheless. Our new place is a cottage.  It's the first time we've lived in a house-type dwelling with a yard as a family.  Before now, we've only ever lived in apartments.  It's very nice having a back yard.  And this yard has a...

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2013, A Year in Review

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This past year's work collage: So, what *did* I do last year?  And, did I meet my resolutions from 2013? Let me revisit my resolutions, and let's see how faithful I was to them... "And, my 2013 New Years Resolutions...knitting- publish a few more patterns, learn brioche knitting. Crochet - do a bit more of it. Sewing- sew a pair of perfectly fitting jeans/trousers, drape 1 dress or outfit. Quilting- finish quilting the 2 quilts from last year and make 1 quilt. Design - learn more about WordPress to create an online shop" Knitting - I definitely published more patterns than I...

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Google Reader to BlogLovin'

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 Hi Everyone, Sorry for the interruption of  your regularly scheduled blog post, but if you haven't heard, it's true. Google Reader will be deleted this summer.  So, if that's what you use to follow my blog, please switch to... AdriMakesAThingorTwo on Bloglovin Thanks for taking the time to read and follow along with my adventures! In other news, here are two recent stash acquisitions I'm super excited about... Malabrigo Arroyo, a sport weight yarn in Burrujas:  And, Wollmeise's latest yarn creation, a DK weight which is just lovely in Mont Blanc:

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Pro Work: 3M Unitek Teens

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It's been a year since I did these illustrations for use within the 3M Unitek: Teens site for braces website... Now since it's finally online & published, I can share them with you all!  I've highlighted the illustrations, and described what I drew in the captions since most of the final images are a blend of my work, and my colleagues' work: layout, stock illustrations, studio photos, and text.  Credit has to be given to the art director, Tina Heller, whose vision was really clear and fun.  She was an awesome director to work with! nature tree, mouse tree, mice,...

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Magpie Yarns: Illustration Project

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It's nearly live!  I worked with Elly of Magpie Yarns UK to create some custom illustrations for her web-shop and blog... check them out here! those are my li'l illustrations! Updated: 2012

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