Experimenting with Crochet Motif #118

I wrote previously about having purchased Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs by Edie Eckman. I'm currently experimenting with motif #118 from the book, and really enjoying myself watching the colors from Lang Yarn's "Mille Colori" work its way through the motif.

This upcoming week I expect to put the squares together and make a bag. I'll post my pattern (but I don't think I can legally show Edie Eckman's part of the pattern so I'll just draw an outline for her square). My part of the design will be clearly diagrammed and you can reference her pattern from the book.

I've also found my sewing patterns to begin making a wedding dress out of recycled packing materials. I'm excited about this project, I'll keep you updated. Oh, and I also have four Pokensfor sale.
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