Textile Design: Toile de Jouy

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For the upcoming Spoonflower contest, I illustrated several vignettes and put them all together in the style of a Toile de Jouy motif...

My theme centers on animals taking on human roles, but it is somewhat frivolously taken on as a theme because you still have birds nesting and flying, and sheep still grazing. I had lots of fun drawing it! I love drawing in this style. It brings me back to my printmaking days...

See more colorways here.
A little about toile de jouys... Turns out that these types of prints (printed textiles) have been around since the 1700s and originated in France in a small village near Versailles by a German-born entrepreneur(Christophe-Philippe Oberkampf). The designs were at first mainly floral textile motifs printed on cotton using wood-block printing techniques.
When I read about toiles, I marveled at the fact that it was stamped by hand, and the factory produces thousands of these wood blocks until turning to copper as their printing method of choice. Crazy. Makes one appreciate the marvels of modern digital printing. BUT, I still love the process of printing by hand... Hmm. I still have my silkscreen...

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