Quick Gifts 3: Crochet Baby Headband

Lately I've been seeing lots of baby headbands with giant flowers attached to them.  So, I thought it would be nice for my friends who craft to have a quick guide to make their own.  I made this band for my cousin whose baby has a head circumference of 16.5" but really, it's a flexible enough pattern to adapt to any size (width and length) all you need are the measurements.  After crocheting the band, a set of buttons is sewn onto the end and the double-crochet stitches allow the band to be buttoned tighter or looser depending on need.

I used Regia Silk and a 3.5mm crochet hook.

 Here's the basic pattern for the band:
  1. Chain 11 stitches.
  2. *10 single crochet stitches into the first chain row, turn work
  3. 10 double crochet stitches into the first single crochet row, turn work*...
  4. Repeat between *...* until desired length.
Continue in this manner, alternating between single and double crochet rows until you have reached your desired length ending with a single crochet row or a picot edge if you desire.

Sew your buttons on one end making sure they fit into the gaps between double crochet stitches.

Make a crochet flower!  I used the "Irish Rose" pattern from Leslie Stanfield's Book  100 Flowers...  It is also called a three-layer Irish Rose, and the exact pattern I used from the book can be found on Lion Brand's site here.  P.S.  I used the buttons from the headband to secure the flower.  It also makes the flower changeable!


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