Introducing my new Pfaff Hobby 1142!


It's here!  My new sewing machine arrived last week, and I'm nearly done with my first project.  I had a few delays, though.  My instruction manual was in Italian, and the seller was German - so he sent me a German digital version.   Both of these instruction manuals were really colorful and tantalizingly detailed... but I know sewing terms in English best!  So, they sent me a digital version in English and I had it printed at a local copy place.  I think it's one of those things best read without the aid of a computer screen, and so very handy to have in hard copy.

I read through it.  I am so excited about the overlock stitches and the automatic buttonhole features!  I've already used the overlock stitch for my first test run project - a pair of pajama pants.  I intend to use the buttonhole maker as well for the drawstring holes!

I'll post photos of the PJ pants when they're done...  but for now here are the accessories and a close-up.

Look at all those stitches!!
Lovely foot options and accessories!  Just realized the feet are facing away from you... sorry!
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