Montreal - Mouliné and More

Just to fill in the last gap of my yarn-travels...
After visiting the Southwest, we headed Northeast over to Montreal.  It was still warm, though, just a lot more humid.  There, I was able to visit Mouliné, a really lovely yarn shop near a string of cute cafes and across the street from an antique shop with a great collection of vintage magazines!

This shop was tended by a very knowledgeable shop owner who noted yarns that were discontinued and/or unavailable for re-stocking when I mentioned that I was looking for yarn for an upcoming design.  Here are a couple of shop photos:

Mouliné entrance

I realized that Montreal had a lot of fiber-arts going on when the listing on Ravelry for local yarn shops was filled with over 15 entries.  Yep, evidence in yarn-bombing is a pretty good indicator.

But the ultimate sign that Montreal was A-okay with knitting was this... 

Microbrewery: Du Lac St.Jean's Tante Tricotante
That's right: beer.  When there's a beer with a knitting-theme you can sigh a breathe of relief.  You are welcome here.
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