Sewing Adventures: 2011

crazy baby quilt, nearly complete!

The quilt in the photo began as a gift for my niece... in 2009.  I began this, my first quilt ever, with a really complicated block (a 9 square center, sashes, squares, etc.) and lost the size notes somewhere in the in-between.  Now that I have a sewing machine in working order, and have brushed up my sewing skills with a few books and Craftsy tutorials, I took an afternoon and finished the quilt... I ended up kind of redesigning it for my niece's upcoming little brother. Tee hee. So, it's sort of a strange first quilt, but I'm proud of it.  My next step is to quilt the three layers together using a darning needle foot and my home sewing machine.  I'm waiting for it in the mail.

Simplicity 6557 View B
The second project photographed is a dress in progress.  It is Simplicity pattern New Look 6557 View B.  The fabric was an IKEA summer special for 5EUR/meter.  A major bargain here in Deutschland. I'm nearly finished with it.  All I'm missing is the zipper installation, some top stitching, hem, and I think I may add some flower appliques... we'll see.  I think I need to break up that big patch of blue at the center!  Oh postal service, when will my zipper and sewing foot arrive?!
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