Homework Dress

Here's my latest finished sewing project, Butterick's See n' Sew B5235.  This one's called "homework dress" because I was sewing along with a high school student who is using the dress pattern as a base for a project of her own.  I wanted to see what possible problems she would encounter, and so we had a 2 person Sew-Along.  I always learn when I make something, and during this project, I learned a lot.  There's a lot of homework left to do on it!!

Things I learned whilst making this dress: stay-stiching, new lining technique, chain stitch to hold lining together, bias tape method from Coletterie.  And lastly, but not least, 100% cotton dresses wrinkle... a lot.

stay stitching on neckline
homemade bias-tape on bottom edge

Things to improve on pattern: waistline, (A) armholes, (B) neckline.  I failed to see the armhole and neckline problems because I was so focused on the waistline issues.  ((Ah, poodle-snaps)).  Forest for the trees I guess.  At least the waist looks good, right?  Maybe?

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