Thank you, Munich!

Getting ready to move is such a grueling process.  For some, this may be an exhilarating use of their organizational and leadership skills, but for me, it's just torture.  Living amongst the chaos of half-filled boxes, partially disassembled furniture, random paper, and all that snow falling outside; it just stresses me out.  Once things are finally in the boxes, and once they're in the truck and out of the apartment I can finally breathe a half-sigh of relief.

Even when all the boxes are packed, there's the emotional toll of leaving.  Moving long-distance is painful!  And, I'm not very good at saying goodbye to people, but really, who is?  I cope by saying "see you soon" or "see you next time" because "good-bye" just seems too final. This past week I've been giving my farewell "see you soon" speeches at every turn.  The last concert, the last Sunday knitting, the last MuKnitter's meet-up, etc. etc.  Each time, I'm reminded of the wonderful people I've met and the many memories we've shared during my 3+ years here in Munich.

If I didn't get the chance to tell you in person, I just wanted to say "Thank You".  Thanks for making the past couple of years so much fun.  Thanks for taking me to all your favorite places and showing me around.  Thanks for pushing me to try new things, challenging me to be the best me, and showing me how to do my best knitting tricks to date. Thank you for teaching me to speak German, and for accepting me into your groups. I'll miss you all dearly, and I'll see you all again soon.

Much Love,


Thank you for all the mementos!

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