Leap Year Update

So far, I've been keeping to my 2012 Seamless pledge without a hitch.  I have not purchased a single item I could make myself.  In the meantime, I've been working toward my goals of finishing a bed-sized quilt, a pair of trousers that fit, and a lined jacket.

On the jacket front, I quickly put together the muslin for the fitted, lined jacket project. It's been really handy that Gertie's Starlet Jacket course came along as soon as it did!  I've started working with her pattern.  I tried the muslin on with clothing underneath as I plan to wear it in real life.  So far so good!  Modifications so far: I adjusted the waist of piece #2 and piece #4 so that it's size 6's waist, but the bust and hips of size 4.  It fits great!  I'm thinking I may want longer sleeves... that will come later.

me + lots of layers + muslin
hasty muslin, but it works!

This weekend, I used my scraps to make a sleeve roll to help with pressing in the upcoming lessons.  I made it out of my heavyweight muslin and some soft cotton scraps layered several times.  The roll was stuffed with quilting scraps.  It's not as firm as I'd like it, but it's a great starter sleeve roll.

Then, I pieced together my quilting squares and now have many long strips waiting for sashing and borders.  Sadly, I don't have enough of the brown cotton sateen jelly roll to sash the whole thing.  I'll be on the hunt for it.  Any hints on where to find some?

Oh yes, and you see that lovely floral ironing board?  That's new!  I finally broke down and bought a full-sized ironing board.  It was on sale, too!  This model has a lovely iron holding thingy at the end.  It's very handy.  Ironing quilting pieces is fine, but it's really tough to do larger sections on the small table-top ironing board. It's also a real challenge to steam large pieces of wool.

Clover Update:  I've cut the muslin pieces for the Clover trousers, but haven't yet sewn them together since I want to add jeans-like pockets... a Frankenstein pattern awaits methinks.

Yeah for progress!  Happy leap-year day!

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