Block of the Month: April

BoM DIY quilt sewing textile WIP

April's quilting blocks have been the most challenging to date.  This month via Craftsy's free course, Amy Gibson walks you through English paper piecing and it's quite a process!

First, you cut out your shape based on the templates provided.  These quilting blocks featured a series of hexagons in three different sizes.  For the paper backing, I used scrap chipboard from cereal boxes and some cheesy postcards.  Then, using the chipboard hexagons,  the fabric scraps are cut down to match the shape adding a healthy 1/4" seam allowance.

hexagons w/basting and paper still inside them

Then you baste the fabric by sewing through both the fabric and the paper.  The pieces are then arranged and sewn together if needed.  I took Amy's advice and starched them before pressing.  Once they were cool and dry, the basting stitches and paper is removed and the pieces are appliqued to the block.

 I used a top-stitch to attach them to the base block.  I was a bit disappointed in my brown cotton.  It's a bit thin, but hopefully the rest of the blocks will make up for it.  If not, I may sew it atop another square of scrap cotton.

These were a really portable project which was nice.  It's the first time I take my sewing project over to the S'nB group.  Overall, challenging and educational blocks!

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