Block of the Month: May

This month's two quilting blocks were soooo (seeewww) easy.
Minty fresh!

Hypnotic Log Cabin Whirlpool

My favorite of the two is the block I'm calling minty fresh because it features teal and minty blue-greens for the theme.  Other from that, it's a "wonky log cabin" as Amy Gibson likes to call it.  I loved making this one, and found the process of using the scraps from a dress I just finished (post coming soon) to be a great way to clean up the area after finishing a larger project. I don't know why it's specifically satisfying, but in some way using up every little bit of fabric you love in a quilt block, just makes it even better.

Standard Log Cabin

your friendly neighborhood log cabin

The red block actually came first and is a more traditional log cabin-type block.  I just cut even strips using my bag of red scraps and the center of the block was a leftover center from the Christmas coasters I made for my knitting groups.  This month's blocks were definitely beginner-friendly blocks!

If you'd like to join in the fun, these quilting blocks are part of Craftsy's free online video course here.
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