Color Challenge: Orange

Yesterday, April 30th, was Queen's Day here in the Netherlands, and the color of the day was definitely and resoundingly ORANGE resulting in a personal color challenge.

The day before, I skimmed through my closet and found not a single orange thing.  Not one!  I used to have an orange shirt from my University of Miami days (school colors: green and orange), but I guess I deemed the shirt too short and gave it away.  I fell asleep with the thought that I still might find the orange shirt, but I didn't.  So, I found myself on Koninginnedag sans the famous color.

I brainstormed... looked in my fabric stash and yarn stash and found a couple of contenders in the fabric section, but they were either too peachy or not a good solid orange color! The yarn stash fared a bit better.  I found the remnants of a skein of Wollmeise's limited production worsted weight yarn "Molly" in a razzle-dazzle orange.  I found my winner.

Wollmeise's Molly yarn in super-orange
  So, I quickly (2 hours is quick for me!) knit an orange headband.  Using garter stitch for the underside, and a lace pattern I've been playing with for an upcoming shawl as the main motif, out came this wild orange headband!

Orange-Glo Headband for Queen's Day
headband for Queen's Day
I really like the color.  It suited the occasion perfectly.  Happy Queen's Day, everyone!
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