Her Pretty Ways Cropped Hoodie

Originally posted on The Sew Weekly for the "On Trend: Summer" Challenge here.

I'm not mad; just smirking.
I really, really wanted to participate again in June for the SewWeekly challenges, but my first skirt idea using some stashed wild floral fabric fell flat when I didn't have enough yardage to do what I wanted. Drats. So, then I went rummaging through my patterns, and was reminded of this downloadable freebie from YSR (your style rocks.com) that I had come across a while ago when searching for a hoodie pattern. This pattern happens to be a cropped hoodie. Yes! Cropped is in! Once that decision was made, it all came together. I'd had this pale yellow t-shirt from my grad school days that I tried to tailor, but at that point, I still wasn't confident with knits...

So, I hit the books and researched knits and elastic fabric, and lo-and-behold my "stretch" needle came back out! The stash grey stuff is an interlocked knit (a thin drapey double-knit) and the t-shirt is knit jersey.

The Factoidals

Fabric: grey interlock knit (Ribas y Casals), and an ol' yellow RISD t-shirt
Pattern: Our Own Pretty Ways - Style A (free w/registration on YSR)
Year: contemporary
Notions: snaps, fusible interfacing, some elastic
Time to complete: 4 hours
First worn: this week
Wear again? Yes!
Total price: about 8 EUR (for the grey knit)

Modifications to the pattern...

I didn't have a ribbed band for the bottom edge, so I just used t-shirt. I used 2 colors for the hood grey/yellow. I omitted the drawstring - my eyelet/grommet maker was malfunctioning and wrecking the fabric so I passed for now. Instead of hook and eye closures I used snaps. The sleeves were a bit droopy for me, but I'll live with it. I tried applying an elastic band w/contrasting yellow, but it just wasn't working. The shape + fabric just isn't meant to be gathered...at least not yet by me and my handy-dandy skillz. :D

I do feel that knit fabric is way more forgiving than I expected it to be. I'm really pleased with the results!
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