Tutorial: DIY Pompom

Fall is in the air... And, I love hats with pompoms. And, sometimes you just want to make your own pompom, right? And add pompoms to everything? Okay, well maybe not everything, but just in case you *did* want to add a pompom to a favorite hat or rabbit toy, or change out an existing pompom for a different one, here's a photo tutorial on how to do it using a template I created.

You can download your own template here on Craftsy.

First, trace and cut the pompom templates from chipboard (like the cardboard of a cereal box). Align the openings of the template pieces so yarn can easily pass through.

Hold one end of the yarn.
Wrap yarn tightly around the template until there is very little room in the center of the circle, but the opening remains clear.  I mean really wrap it around until it's hard to wrap any more.  Use different colors of yarn and mix it up for a crazy party pompom!  Most yarns can be used as long as you can wrap it around the template, and cut it afterward...

wrap yarn around the template until center is barely visible

Using a pair of sharp scissors, cut wrapped yarn all the way around the outside of the circle between the two templates.

use sharp scissors to trim between pieces around outside circle

Secure the pompom by wrapping scrap yarn between the two template pieces, around the center circle, and tying a tight knot.
trim completely around the circle and secure
Remove template.  Fluff and trim to shape.
Use tapestry needle and tie-ends to attach to your project.

Want to make your own pompom?  Download your own template here.
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