Block of the Month: October

This month's blocks were the most difficult to date.  And, sadly, they're the last blocks in the Craftsy Block of the Month course with Amy Gibson.  I'll miss her cheery instructions!

So, I'm once again a little behind in finishing these, but foundation paper piecing is a serious challenge to a quilting newbie.  I found the perforation process of the printed paper to be the easiest part.  I had to un-sew at least one section for each block during the sewing-it-up part, and that's a rarity for me.

I eventually found a way to make these blocks so that the fabric scraps were definitely going to cover the next section (plus a 1/4" allowance)...  It took finishing a whole block for me to develop it, and it's really hard to explain outside of making one on video (future project?).  I think each person comes up with a way to make these blocks work with their skill set and way of thinking.

With the paper pattern facing me, I placed piece #1 print/RS face down and glue-stick stuck it to the paper.  Then, I flipped the paper back and trimmed the seam allowance.  Then I turned it so the fabric was facing me and I pretended to have sewn the next piece and folded back it's seam allowance and made sure it really was going to cover piece #2.  Then I placed them fabric right-sides together and held them together securely and stitched over the line between #1 and #2... This was the best way I found to be sure things were going to work out.  It's not the fastest way, but it was the surest for me.

These two foundation paper pieced blocks were very time consuming, but absolutely impeccable in the points they create!  Soooo sharp!

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