Me-Made-May, Week 4 update


This week was a blur.  In fact, I can't remember what I wore when, but thankfully the photos have dates time-stamped in them.  I forgot to photograph May 20th's outfits, but that's okay.  It was generally a lazy week in terms of clothes.  I was really excited about finalizing a big illustration, and my eyeballs were practically plugged into the computer this whole week.
May 19 - I wore Sorbetto made by upcycling my friend's skirt that ripped.  She gave it to me with a big ripped hole in it and I managed to use the remaining fabric to work up a Sorbetto.  The trousers were recently hemmed which makes them fit finally!  They're a bit on the frumpy side, but they're comfy.

May 20 - I wore my Clover trousers, but I forgot to take a photo. It's okay, I wore other me-made stuffs this week!
 May 21 - I started off wearing this shirt I finished last year.  It got cold later in the day, so I ended up covering up.  But, at least it was sunny for a little bit, and I was able to wear it out for a while.
 May 22 - Another dreary, overcast day and so out came the wool jacket from last year.  The shawl is an adaptation of a free knitting pattern called "Haruni".
May 23 - Today was still really cold and rainy, and since the jacket was already out I just decided to wear it again.  Sorry for the repeat. In honor of the MMM theme "hometown" I wore this super bright flower print shirt I got from a thrift store in the hometown of my heart- Austin, TX.  The colors of the shirt remind me of my actual hometown, Miami, so it was the perfect nod to the hometown theme.

All this wearing of last year's stuff reminds me I should make stuff... this year.  :)  So, out came the denim and I'm working on a pair of jeans now.  I'm already at the zipper!

And, next week I can finally reveal my latest published patterns!  I'm so excited about that.
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