MMM Week 1 complete

This week's Me-Made-May Round-up...

May 1st as was previously blogged about included wearing a plaid skirt from last year's Sew Weekly challenge.  The cowl was hand-knitted this year and is a self-published pattern.
May 2nd
It was still quite cool here in Munich so I layered this hand-knitted lace hoodie (Apres Surf Hoodie by Connie Chang Chinchio) with this sewn skirt from 2011.

May 3rd
I happened to be traveling to London for a day, and what a change in the weather for me.  Who would have thought London would be so beautifully warm and sunny!  Well, I soaked in every drop I could and wore a hand-knitted pullover (heavily modified Kim Hargreaves pattern from "Precious").

May 4th
I'm back and ready to rumble.  New haircut, hand-knit lace headband of my own design (self published pattern), and up-cycled top.  I bought this top from a fellow student when I was at RISD.  She had the clever idea to sew a patch of cute buttons on one corner, and I bought it off of her at one of the student sales.  The vintage cardigan (my great aunt's) managed to cover the cutie-patootie buttons.  I find self-portraits so challenging without the tripod, but since these photos are nearly daily I just didn't have the urge to set up all my gear.  So,  these photos don't show that I'm wearing cut-offs that I did myself from a pair of jeans whose knees had worn too thin.

That's MMM week 1 wrap up!
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