Checking In

Hi Constant Reader,

I'm back in the studio, but I'm currently sick. The culprit was/is likely all that traveling that got me down, but no matter.  I've got a lot planned, and a lot to wrap up in the next two months.  You know how it is.  November's shouting out at you on the calendar.  You realize exactly how many things aren't finished that needed to be done by the year's end, and that's where I'm at.  I'm re-organizing my schedule.  I'm not taking on any more knitting-related commissions until next calendar year, and I'll be focusing on my UFO quilting, sewing, and self-publishing projects.

Almost Finished:
Twinsies Boy Blanket (knitting machine project) just needs final panel, washing/blocking
Same Same Cardigan (hand-knitting) just needs blocking

About Half Finished:
Blue Quilt (machine quilted)

- - - -
Not Started:
Twinsies Girl Blanket (knitting machine project)
Sugar Block Quilt (machine quilting)
bras/bralettes project (sewing/upcycling)
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