Another FO: Red Rosita Mittens

Finally, I finished this long unfinished object!  This red version of the Rosita Mittens, a knitting design pattern originally published in Knitscene Accessories 2013, was a prototype.

I had finished the first mitten in red and white to conserve the yarn that was for the planned colors.  You can see in the magazine photo below that the green and white yarn was planned for the final design.

A bit about knitwear design...
When you receive yarn for a project, you don't know how many prototypes it will take to get the design right, so you conserve yarn as best you can.  In this case, I swatched and conducted all tests with the red and white, then went onto create the deliverables in green and white with red and pink details.

I'm so glad these are finally done!  The design rights to this pattern return to me this summer, but if you'd like to knit them in the meantime, I think the digital download of the magazine is still available here:
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