New Year, New Goals



Happy New Year!

We are firmly in 2018 now!
At the start of the year, I spent the first few weeks reflecting, planning, and preparing for the rest of this year. For too long I've felt like I was not on the ball, but rather being squashed and run over by the ball.

My goal for 2018 was to feel more prepared throughout the year. To do that, I had to just stop for a bit and reflect. And, I mean really stop. I did no 'busy work', no social media craziness for the first few weeks. What I did was I found a few planners free and not free and worked my way through them. They helped me spot some things I wanted to do differently this year.

I knew there were certain un-changeable elements in 2018: loved ones' birthdays, half marathon, Blueprint Tradeshow in May, and again in October, and of course the holidays. So many holidays! If you're also a commercial artist, the holidays can become looming clouds headed your way. This year, I vowed not to let them be grey clouds, pressuring me to create work for that holiday right now or else all the jobs will pass me by! Not this year. This year, I'm gonna chill during the holidays. Reflection and pre-planning will help me get there... I'm trusting the process. The whole exercise left me feeling a bit more confident about how I'll proceed in 2018, and a whole lot less frazzled.

How about you? How are you feeling about this year?

Cheers to 2018!


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