Happy Valentine's Day!



I hope you are feeling loved today. If not, I'm sending you some right now.
There you go!

Oh goodness, I have lots of news to share!


Etsy Shop

I opened an Etsy shop! You should check it out if you're on there.
You can find a nice group of art prints including some that haven't even been added to my own web shop!
So, if you need a gift for someone consider my artwork. You can buy 8x10", 11x14, and 16x20 art prints, framed art prints, and... I'll be introducing leggings very soon!


Picture Books

Remember last month how I was focusing on reflection and really figuring what I wanted from this year? One of my big goals was to get into children's books. So, I applied for a mentorship program. I also signed up to do a short course on picture books with Kristen Balouch, joined SCBWI and attend a weekly critique group, and I also started watching some online courses on picture books on both Skillshare and SVS... and guess what? I've made some positive progress. I got the mentorship! I have a mentor to help guide my creation of a few pieces for the portfolio in the Kid Lit world! I'll share some more finished illustrations once I get there. So far, I've done a lot of sketching and observation. I also have some very rough manuscripts and a 'dummy' which is a rough storyboard of a picture book in progress. Feels good!

Can I share one word of caution? Don't get stuck in the taking and watching classes cycle. Be sure to hold yourself accountable and make something with your new knowledge. It's so easy to get in your own way and just absorb and absorb and absorb, and not do anything about what you've learned! Enough caution!

I'll keep you posted with what's next, but February is all about picture books for me! How's February treating you so far?


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