It's a Wrap!


It's a real treat to see work made into something beautiful. Today, I'd like to share how a series of sketches for my son became gift wrap.

It all started out last year with a family visit. Someone mentioned that my brother-in-law was a whiz kid at memory when he was a tot. So, the thought of a memory game was planted. My son is very much interested in all things mechanical and vehicular, so I went ahead and sketched out some of his favorite vehicles.


Then, I chose a set of colors that were modern, eye-catching, and child-friendly. I used the primary colors red, yellow, and blue, plus the complementary color lime green and the neutral grey.


I then used a DIY printer (Shutterfly) to produce a set of memory cards. He promptly learned to play and they are much loved and scuffed and full of crayon dust.


Later that year, I took the images to a tradeshow as a last-minute addition to my portfolio. This was where the art was spotted by the art buyers from a wonderful gift-wrap company in California.

They produced the wrap using a beautiful shimmery silver in place of the neutral grey. At an angle you can see the shimmer. I'm so pleased to have my work out in the world, and I hope you'll let me know if you see the gift wrap wherever you are!



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