Hurricanes, Renovations, & Knitting, Oh My!


Do you ever find yourself wondering if you have enough to do in your life? Do you find yourself with oodles of time to waste and luxuriate over those nuanced tasks such as dishes… Let me tell you about a solution for all those long moments of peace and quiet in your day… Just add a [insert any natural disaster here]!

They’ll add countless tasks to your to-do lists and upend your days like no other. They’ll put ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in perspective. Had a plan? Fuggetaboutit. Had a thing you thought you’d finished? Not anymore! Love your family? NOW YOU REALLY LOVE THEM!

Deep exhale.

I don’t intend for this post to be read as being glib toward disasters…I find that humor helps me cope with things completely out of my control— which is a lot of things these days. It’s hurricane season, and we’re in the middle of remodeling parts of the house after a flood we had in February. I’m out of sorts (and out of money!). As I write, there’s yet another storm heading our way. (For a free “deep-clean” car wash, just leave your car outside!)

I was in the hospital two weeks ago because my body reacted badly to fatty foods…IBS is the diagnosis so far. It was the french fries I ate for dinner combined with six months of stress, I imagine. We were eating what we could as healthy as we could, but without a working kitchen, I just ate whatever. I was sick of doing dishes in random places like the tub, or outside, or in the bathrooms… which are now just holes in the ground by the way, because they’re being remodeled too!




I don’t want pity, just wanted to vent.
Anyway, before I spiral into a darker place, let me enumerate my gratitude…

  • We did not get hit directly by any hurricanes this year.

  • They only found two polyps in the colonoscopy.

  • Our house is okay, and it will look amazing when all the repairs are done.

  • After February’s flood, I’ve finished renovating my son’s room (see pic above). The new floor I put in looks great, and I’m nearly done with the kitchen.

  • I’m working on a new book. I can’t show you any sketches, but I can tell you it’s a knitting book. I love it when my love for art and knit come together!

  • Boomer At Your Service has it’s official book birthday next week!

I am alive. I can communicate. I can create.

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