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(originally published as my March 2020 newsletter, cross-posted here)

Okay so everything went to sh*t.
It's a pretty unexpected series of events.
Everything we thought we'd be doing today or yesterday has changed over the course of the last few weeks, and the world seems like a different place. I'd published a new class and was so excited to share, but now it all seems useless and my work and life seems pretty irrelevant.

Everyone is in my thoughts (yes, my anxiety spirals are doing quite well and spinning swiftly as I type), and I'm doing the hermit thing more than usual.

That aside, I've compiled a kind of "choose your own adventure" with this newsletter.
The choices:
a) coping
b) activities for home/kids
c) helping

I hope you all are keeping okay. Love you all. Stay home. Stay safe please.

a) Cope Ideas

These links are if you are feeling overwhelmed.

  • Calm App - the guided meditations on sleep, anxiety, and stress help me a lot

  • This song is supposed to be the most relaxing song on earth (based on some kind of marketing study, whatever, Google-fu says it is, and that makes it so!)

  • The following podcast is for relaxation purposes and NOT safe to listen to while driving LeVar Burton Reads - I'm not kidding. Do not attempt to drive/listen, okay? promise me!

  • Procrastibaking with Disney Recipes

b) Make & Do Stuff with Kids

These links are if you are feeling like doing stuff on your own or with your kids...


  • KiwiCo has lots of kid-friendly activities.

  • My friend Debbie Ohi has lots of activities for home learning.

  • All kinds of computer-based learning games for kids HERE

  • Work on reading skills with picture books Storyline Online

  • For kids who are a bit older, Sora App to check out books (OverDrive/Libby are others)

  • Brains On Podcast

  • Rainbow Connection Artwork for your neighborhood

  • Feel free to download, color, print the “kitty hunts a rat” seek & find illustration I did for a kid on Twitter.


c) Be Helpful Ideas

Crafty friends, have random supplies and want to help make PPE (personal protective equipment) for your nearby hospital? Hospitals all over the country are already experiencing shortages of masks and surgical attire. These are obviously not ASTM certified, but are better than the alternative (which is nothing).*

  • If you have a 3D printer

  • If you have fabric/sewing machine

  • Contoured mask

  • Video Tutorial

  • Videot Tutorial 2

  • Have some clear acetate (like from old overhead projectors? teachers?) and elastic like a hairband or other and you can follow this Faceshield Tutorial

  • Last helpful idea... STAY HOME.

*Shortage Info source:


This is what this blog post was originally about - my new Skillshare class. If you did want to support me in a financial way, please watch it. Every minute helps. People are not walking around buying art these days. :(

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