Another month passes...


April was a tough month, but it felt like it flew by. In a way, it was tougher than March because of the reality of the pandemic, new data, and then the change in attitude of a lot of people. Earth Day came and went and it felt good to get into the garden again now that the weather's fine.

Here in my neighborhood, Monday of this week felt like a turning point where people just decided it was time to go out again. I don't understand why. Our little family is still staying home as long as we can and keeping our outings to essentials only.

I try to remind myself of light that shines in the darkness, of the people doing so much to try and help the sick and the suffering. I keep hoping their light shines through, and people can keep that perspective, and stay home! I’ve been making cloth masks for our local Linus Project. When I have enough, they require at least 25, I’ll send them along.

Another month passes.

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