‘21, Already Full of Surprises


This was such an epic week.

I got word that I won the 2021 SCBWI FL Rising Kite Award for illustration, the one pictured above. That was such welcomed news. This is I think the third or fourth time I enter and the first time I even make it into the mentions, and I won! What this tells me is my work has improved and grown and I’m getting close. Here’s the announcement on the SCBWI FL page.

In terms of kidlit progress, I edited 2 manuscript dummies thanks to the persistence of my critique group. That felt like a huge step forward. I also applied and won the #PBChat community scholarship to go to the Kweli Color of Children’s Conference in April! I’m so excited I wouldn’t have been able to afford it otherwise, and it was so empowering.

If you’re trying to find your way this year, you’re not alone. I’m still feeling out how to best use my time. Here are some of my favorite resources so far for life organization, reflection, and inspiration.

reflection: Year Compass

financial organization: Paper & Spark

idea organization: Airtable

kidlit inspiration: Storystorm 2021

Have a great weekend!


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