Counting down to NOCHEBUENA

Adriana Bergstrom

Countdown for Nochebuena, my next kid's book, comes out in just a few days! 

Do you want to know how I came up with the concept of this concept book?

This is one of those stories that I’ve had percolating in my mind since I turned my attention to children’s books back in 2017. Very similar to ABUELITA AND I MAKE FLAN, this story began with a list. The biggest difference was that FLAN turned into a story with a character arc and became more entrenched in culture as it went through the editing and revision process.

title page of COUNTDOWN FOR NOCHEBUENA by Adriana Hernandez Bergstrom

Instead, NOCHEBUENA turned into a concept book with no fixed main character, and an overall family vignette.

4 cuatro pequenos twist the bunuelos - image from COUNTDOWN FOR NOCHEBUENA by Adriana Hernandez Bergstrom

COUNTDOWN FOR NOCHEBUENA started with dreaming of our childhood Christmas Eve parties at the houses of various cousins and parientes. To us, Christmas Eve has way more festivities than Christmas. I started listing the essence of those lively gatherings and diving deep into albums and photos at my mom's house. There were so many moments and good times to choose from. I'm telling you, these parties were epic! Eventually I settled on a countdown format because it fit so well with us waiting for midnight to open presents. 

Now I'm counting down until it's published!

COUNTDOWN FOR NOCHEBUENA comes out October 3, 2023 and is published in two formats: Hardcover and Board book by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers.

Age Range:        4 - 8 Years
ISBN: 9780316467919

back cover of COUNTDOWN FOR NOCHEBUENA by Adriana Hernandez Bergstrom

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