TUMBLE's Humble Origins

Adriana Bergstrom

There's just one more month until TUMBLE 'tumbles' onto bookshelves everywhere, and I am so proud of this little book! It received a Starred Kirkus Review and was positively received by many beta readers.

So where did the idea come from?

TUMBLE's origins are kind of sad, but as with TUMBLE itself it's a story about life and death so I'll share it with you. Rewind to Fall of 2020. COVID lockdowns. My family had traveled to South Florida to be closer to my mom and stepdad who was in the final stages of cancer. As they were in home hospice at my stepsister's, we were doing the best we could e-learning at my their place. Zoom school with my first grader who had already missed half of the social skills from kindergarten was not easy. 

After e-learning one day, kiddo turned to me and suggested we write a story about "tumble." Tumble? I asked if he wanted me to write the words for him as I'd done previously, and with an emphatic "NO!" said he wanted to challenge me to a duel... a story duel! I don't know where he got the word from, but we got to work. He on his version. Me on mine... I started with some thumbnails that came quickly, and the words followed.

A bit later I brought it to my online critique group and they thought it was great. They were so encouraging! They helped me polish the text into the rhyming couplets you see in the final.

You can find the book here on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/61780003-tumble

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Love how this story came about. I told my tumble weed story in the comments on Picture BookBuilders.com today. Now I’m going to order your book!

Tricia Hinely

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