Celebrating Progress

Adriana Bergstrom
cat postcard from 2014 adriana bergstrom

Eight years ago, I was still in Germany, sewing and knitting for my baby and myself. 


moth illustration by adriana bergstrom

I started creating surface patterns and did illustrations every now and again for knitting magazines. I still carted around all my art supplies with the thought I'd get back to that dream of illustrating children's books one day.


hand lettering 2016 new year illustration by adriana bergstrom


Five years ago, I still had zero books published, and had recently re-emigrated to the U.S. I was picking myself back up after missing the community and friends I'd made in Germany. 

painting of chicken on wood by adriana bergstrom
I decided to unpack my paintbrushes and started painting whatever was in my head and start taking my art seriously. I started an art collective and together we worked on getting better at our craft.
finch and foxglove hello bird illustration by adriana bergstrom


But, my goodness I was rusty! My first paintings were rough, but I needed to get through making a bunch of my 'okay' work to get to where I am today!

spring rabbit garden illustration by adriana bergstrom

Then three years ago, I illustrated my first picture book! To me, it was a proof of concept. I could be a children's book illustrator. Look, here's the proof! That made me work even harder at refining my own stories.

boomer at your service cover art by adriana hernandez bergstrom

And in a few weeks, my first book as author and illustrator will be hitting bookshelves near you!

cover image of abuelita and i make flan by adriana hernandez bergstrom

image from ABUELITA AND I MAKE FLAN, Anita helps find ingredients
snippet from my upcoming book, ABUELITA AND I MAKE FLAN, Charlesbridge 2022
When you hear 'progress not perfection' I hope you'll think of my journey. Every action you take toward your dreams is progress. Every painting you finish. Every drawing you refine. It's all progress.
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