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(Image from the Underground Crafter site) I was interviewed last month for a Hispanic Heritage Month by Marie Segares, the crochet & knitting blogger and designer.  She blogs at the Underground Crafter and is also the host of the podcast the "Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show".  If you'd like to read her interview of me for her Hispanic Heritage series that happened in September, you can read it here ( And, for the podcast, she asked me some great questions about how I got into the business of making fonts for knit and crochet. So, if you're interested in listening to the podcast...

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FO: Twinsies Baby Blankets

color challenge crochet knit sewing yarn

I finally finished my first big machine knitting project/commission!  The blanket was machine knit in strips, sewn together, and finished by using simple crochet borders.  The green blanket used a single-crochet border followed by a triple-crochet plus single chain stitch to create the dashed-dot look.  The pink/purple blanket used a series of increasing crochet stitches to get a subtle scalloped look.  Both were then steam pressed from the opposite side with a damp press cloth to stop them from curling... but they still kind of curl. Both blankets are done!  I've already packed them and prepped them for shipping. :)...

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StitchinCrochet PRO!

crochet font typography

Finally, another loose end tied up. This particular loose end has been around for 3 or 4 years.  I've been collecting e-mails, handy symbols that I missed, and re-organizing this font for a looooong time.  It's done now.  I've simplified the organization of the glyphs so they are grouped together by type: dc increases together, dc decreases together.  I tried to be sure there were corresponding increase and decrease symbols where it was relevant, and I eliminated some of the more fanciful and esoteric symbols that are not used commonly. And, the result is StitchinCrochetPro now available on! For...

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Tutorial: Blocking Your Knitted/Crocheted Items

crochet DIY how to knit lace tutorial

"Blocking" in the fiber arts world, is usually a finishing step. After your garment (or each piece) is knitted or crocheted, block to match the measurements given in your schematics, or you can seam them together and block them as a completed garment. before blocking blocked blanket The first step I take in this process is looking at the yarn band.  I make sure I understand the care instructions for the yarn I'm about to block.  Then, I look at the pattern for any specific blocking instructions (lacy shawls often have areas that are accented in blocking).  If you're worried...

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Updates: Knit & Garden

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Photo update... My SnB de Pijp Group made this wonderful hexi-puff seat cushion (or could-be future quilt) as a parting gift.  Thank you SnB de Pijp!! The garden had it's first blooms and first losses.  I used the wrong kind of soil for the anemones which succumbed to rot. :(  But, the Oxalis are going strong as ever!

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