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Bright and Cheerful Hanukkah Cards, eco-friendly greetings, boxed card set, art by Adriana Bergstrom

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A bright and cheerful Hanukkah card featuring colorful illustrations of spinning dreidel details, a fully lit menorah, and friendly hand-lettered text on front that says "Happy Hanukkah". Blank inside.

This is a set of cheerful holiday greeting cards.
The original art was made by me, Adriana Bergstrom, and is now available to you in these very limited edition runs I sell here in my Etsy shop.
Printed on heavy felt-textured card stock.

One box contains 10 cards and matching natural white felt envelopes also made with recycled paper.

The cards measure approximately 4.25"x5.5"H.

Packaged in a clear Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene sleeve (10% recycled content, acid-free) to protect from discoloration and humidity during transit/storage.
Cards are shipped in recycled packaging (either from recycled cardboard, etc or through 2nd life reusing shipping materials that have come to my studio).

Bright and Cheerful Hanukkah menorah
BXHL008 Boxed Set
Qty: 10 A2 cards with 10 matching envelopes